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Daffnee Cohen, Marketing Director Economic Recovery Group: "Aside from his exceptional ability to network, David is a highly polished and motivated team player. Constantly meeting goals and going above and beyond to ensure things are done with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.  A pleasure to work together."

Jim Henderson, President Huff Companies: "Even though we have just recently met, I feel as though I have known David for years. His ability to connect with so many quality people via LinkedIn is most impressive. I am looking forward to developing a business relationship with him and, sharing common LinkedIn connections who should get to know him."

Sam Saad III, Councilman, City of Naples: "Dave is great and passionate about what believes in. You know that when he gets behind you, he is all in to make sure you succeed."

Jesse Reising, Co-Founder & President, Operation Opportunity: "David worked with exceptional speed and precision, and provided a comprehensive range of support and services to help lift Operation Opportunity off the ground and attain 501(c)(3) status in less than half the time we anticipated. Thanks to David's services, we are able to more efficiently and effectively serve our nation's veterans and children of fallen service members."

Diane Gilson, President, Trainer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Info Plus(+) Accounting, Inc.: "As an accountant who has worked with David over the last year and a half on a new accounting system for Rampant Lion Foundation (RLF), I'm continually amazed and impressed with his ability to remember the immense number of details involved in the financial aspects of RLF. The Foundation handles a multitude of complex functions, and I've found David to be immediately able to describe various transactions ranging as far back as 4-5 years ago. He's always a pleasure to work with, and it's been totally enjoyable to introduce him to some of the features in the new accounting system - as he's not only a stickler for accuracy and details (which we accountants just love!) but he brings enthusiasm and humor to the table! He's a great person to work with."

Dennis Gerber, Director, Annual Fund, American University in Cairo:"David is a extremely intelligent, detail oriented, selfless and capable manager. As Director of Operations for Delta Kappa Epsilon I reported directly to David. Not only was he a great Director, he was also a great mentor."

Richard VandenBrul, APM, CIMC, Financial Advisor: "I have known David for many years. Mostly as Executive Director of Delta Kappa Epsilon. As Executive Director, David persuade me to become more active in supporting DKE which I have since first meeting during the 90's when he hosted dinner for DKE active and alumnae during Thanksgiving at the Detroit Club. He was tireless in his advocacy for all thing DKE. I believe his legal efforts are one reason why the right to join a private club on campus continues despite a concerted effort to prohibit them. He is a pleasure to do business with. Smart, cordial and gracious."

Tim Burke, president, Manley Burke LPA: "David is an highly effective advocate for the rights of those he represents. He is an excellent writer and organizer capable of drawing others to support his position."

Frat Boys at Bay
Written By: David K. Easlick, Jr., and
Thomas Short

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